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The new way to move forward after lockdown

Freedom to travel- Save money-Family friendly

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The saying “Today is the beginning of the rest of your life” is no truer that right now as we approach emerging from our enforced lockdown.
Both employers and employees have discovered working from home is an economical proposition.  Employers can save on office rent while the employees gain more freedom and lower their outgoings.  WIN-WIN.
How does that suit you?
Our aim at Wilken Wisdom is to assist people in enjoying an extremely comfortable, healthy, and financially free life. A lifestyle you choose whether it be simply working from home or travelling the world with a laptop lifestyle to achieve your dreams and goals.
It is known as FREEDOM
Your dreams and goals are the starting point, taking the necessary steps to make that dream a reality is the fuel that drives you to the path of wealth.
What is your why?
Make it your PASSION and SUCCESS will follow.
In the journey of wealth creation, nothing is more propelling than passion. What you are passionate about impacts on what you become. That is why it is important for you to realize the one thing that you are passionate about and offer it as a service.
Wilken Wisdom offers ideas involving several combinations of wellness and wealth.  We offer you the tools and resources to enjoy an improved wellness and wealth in your life.  Check out our GOLD and WELLNESS pages.
Whether you are employed, self-employed or unemployed, you must find that one thing that has the potential change the narrative for you. Let what you do daily be mixed with passion, because if all that you have aside your skill is passion, then you have more than enough to succeed.

Wilken Wisdom Wealth

Laptop lifestyle- A new way of enjoying work.

Whether you work from home or travel the world with your laptop lifestyle there is a multitude of savings and benefits.  Just a few are:  your workplace expenses become almost nil, no commute costs, big saving on office-wear, maybe you can even sell a car. If you have children, they will enjoy more adult supervision and company. Plus, just as important, studies show having more working freedom improves your efficiency.
Of course, you can choose to travel Australia or the world with your laptop-based business.  You can even subsidize your travel costs with photography or travel reviews.  There are many web sites offering laptop-based gigs.  What are your skills?  Can you turn them into a financial benefit and travel at the same time?

Why it is a wealthy concept to enjoy a lap top lifestyle?


Work–Life Balance

A balance work-life impacts on your health and relationship. Working from home improves your chances of striking a balance between your personal, professional, and family life. So, work will no longer hinder you from having time to take care of your other life roles.


Choose Own Time

Choosing your working hours is one of the beauty of working from home, you are at liberty to choose your work schedule and because your working time can be flexible, you can bend them as you deem fit.


Higher Performance

Working from incredibly boosts your productivity and there are a number of reasons for this. The fact that you won’t be stressed out from commuting to your office, the less distraction and more focus it gives means that can experience higher performance in your outputs.



We at Wilken Wisdom have successfully used our laptop lifestyle to travel all over Australia and the rest of the world for many years. We are in our late 70s. Our health is great. We are products of our wellness product Puratae and you can check this on the WELLNESS page. Plus, we market this product worldwide and enjoy a nice residual income.

To protect ourselves again recessions and economic downturns like the current Corona Virus financial crash or the past GFC we save GOLD.  We started with just small pieces around $10 saved and stored in a vault, we do this every week and we teach others to do the same.  Check this out on our GOLD page. We enjoy two benefits Financial safeguard and an income from our marketing services.  All this comes to life via our laptop and the internet.
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