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Living a long life is OK but living a long and enjoyable life is far better. Frances and Jeffrey Wilken had realized many years ago that to ensure a trouble free, healthy and enjoyable life, they needed to take a deep interest in what they ate and drank. Additionally, they had to also learn about available world-class and effective complimentary health products. The study and research program is ongoing 15 years later. Furthermore, Frances and Jeffrey have consistently practiced what they’d learned from attending many seminars by wellness experts and visits to research laboratories overseas. Now approaching their mid-70s, Frances and Jeffrey lead a lifestyle which is both mobile and enjoyable. We recognize critical wellness is to your overall success in life, and we are also not unaware of the struggle many people have to face to make their health and wellness a priority. You can’t afford not to do the same, especially if you want to enjoy your dream.

Wilken Wisdom Wellness

Choosing a Pure Balanced Life

The world’s most complete Super Blend in an easy to take supplement that is perfect for your entire family. A supplement that could be taken once a day and provide over 14 supplements in one glass that would not only provide your vitamins and minerals, but also support a healthy gut, natural energy, antioxidant cell protection and plant based protein to maintain lean mass. With the nutrient content of 12-14 servings of fruits and vegetables, it’s the absolute best way to start your day to give your nutrition the boost it needs to put you on the top of your game.
Your body and your mind need to be in constant sync, and for your mind to have the energy to strive with ideas and productive engagements, whenever you need it to, you have to keep your body in the best state of health as possible. To achieve that, you have a big decision to make: which is, to either eat healthy or to eat anything and expect good health. If you choose the former, then go with a supplement you can trust for you daily nutrient need. You can make this Super Blend your daily companion to eating healthy and living healthy.

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A better way to live

What Super Blend Offers You?

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What does Super Blend do?

At this unprecedented period of our lives, what we eat has never been more important than now. Not only are we what we eat, but what we eat goes a long way to shape us and play an important role to our state of wellbeing, as well as our bodies’ ability to fight sickness and diseases. Including more nutritious and wholesome foods to our diets boost our health and enhance our immune system. You can trust a super blend to help you achieve that.

Boosts your Immunity System

A compromised immune system will make our bodies to easily succumb to sickness and diseases. However, making our immunity as strong as it can be will make our live healthier, and the right super blend will do just that for you.


Nourishes on a Cellular Level

Our bodies need constant nourishment, and the best way to achieve that is to keep your cells nourished, because when our cell are healthy, we are healthy as well. Our cells are sustained and built by what we consume so, taking this recommended super blend will supply essential nourishment to your cells.


Increase Your Mental Acuity

Your mental alertness will come alive with a glass of this super blend first thing in the morning


High Absorption

It is one thing to feed your body with food, it is another thing for that food to be properly broken and absorbed for the body’s used. This Super blend has a high rate of absorption.


Stabilizes Your Blood Sugar

When you take this super blend, you provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs and enhance its ability to stabilize your blood sugar.

Pure Sourcing

Sourcing is everything when it comes to how clean, pure and nutrient dense your product is. We only source the purest raw ingredients from our inspected and approved suppliers.

Testing for Purity

We test all raw ingredients upon arrival to ensure of their purity. We also test upon completion to ensure our product is pure, free of all allergens and is the highest quality.

Our Manufacturers

We've known our manufacturers for decades. We proudly manufacture with the strictest of standards. We exceed cGMPstandards and FDA guidelines to ensure our product is the highest of quality.


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