"Always leave them wanting more."

-PT Barnum Barnum & Bailey Circus.

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Good morning Jeffrey

In 1960 I obtained my first salesperson’s license in real estate.  59 years both good and bad is a pretty good innings.   Now I am in the process of changing my life’s premier interests.  Maybe using PT Barnum’s quote is a bit egotistical.  To me I have reached my real estate career’s use by date.  In fact after reading the last uninspiring edition of “Heads Up” I may have passed it.

“Heads Up” was created about 14 years ago as a simple letter or email giving some real estate tips.  It morphed into something bigger and has proven to be very successful.  Thank you to all who checked it out and successfully moved forward in their real estate endeavours.

Over those 14 years something like 95% of the properties showcased were sold within a short time frame.  Not all by me as they were the pick of the crop other agents were in the mix as well.

Thank you too to all who have given feedback both complimentary and not so.  The real estate market has an overall cycle of increase.  However sometimes there can be outside influences both political and financial which can cause havoc.

Thanks for the memories.

My closing thoughts and suggestions are below.


Jeff Wilken

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In Conclusion

While we are in the first 12 months on the downside of the 7 to 10 year real estate cycle I see more dark clouds ahead.  When you receive this Heads Up it is most likely the Reserve Bank will have dropped interest rates by .25%.  This could well be the first of another 2 or 3 such drops.  This move and what may follow it does not bode well for our economy in my mind. Low interest rates and low inflation go hand in hand in keeping wages and economic growth down. Plus naturally real estate prices.


I have mentioned many times over the last 12 months where I can read, in just one day, the real estate market is going up, down and even sideways.  My thought is it will continue to go down for some time longer as the world economy becomes more unstable.


Having 76 years to look back over I can see the slow creep in corruption and greed in many high places both in government and the private sector.  Just pushing the envelope 1% compounded over those 76 years makes easy meat of at least a doubling of these practices without us knowing it.


Take care with your real estate investments.  Maybe you should look at remortgaging at one of the lower rates available now.  Have some cash reserves and make sure your tenant/s are happy and secure.


With my beliefs of very rough weather ahead I cannot continue to show case real estate.  One reason why “That’s all Folks”


My main interest these days, and I do suggest everyone should have the same, is preserving my Wealth and Wellness”.   I will continue to write my “Wellness and Wealth” newsletter.


Did you know the life expectancy of the human race has DOUBLED in the last 150 years?  Over the last 15 years a baby born today can expect to live 5 years longer than on born in 2004.


However there is a BIG BUT.  Our expected healthy longevity has not kept up.  Our wellness is going backwards. While we may live longer we are more likely to suffer ill health in our later years.


In Wilken Wisdom Wellness and Wealth we shall showcase ideas and tips on living a better lifestyle.  Some of our ideas maybe off centre some maybe too good to be true.  However as that great Northern Territory TV ad says  


“You will never never know if you never never go” 


Keep your eyes and minds open.  Do your own research and follow the Boy Scout motto 

“Be Prepared” 

as no one will look after you better than you are prepared to do for yourself.

Cheers and good luck.

Jeff Wilken