My cancer. Good story

“Most men over 80 will die WITH prostate cancer but not FROM it”

This saying is often trotted out as a feel-good statement.  However, it can also provide false hope and cause men not to continue to monitor a potential problem.
In my early 70s my PSA count started to creep up by 2 points every couple of years. 2 became 4 and 4 became 6 and so on until the number 14 came up. You see I had taken the statement above as truth and stupidly went into denial. Well folks any PSA over 6 is not good and any sustained upwards movement in this number should be followed up on.
At about this point in time I changed GPs and my new GP was not happy at all with me ignoring the high PSA number and strongly advised me to see a urologist. Facing facts, a week or two later I was in the urologist’s office. He sent me off for a series of scans and came back with the not so good news that my PSA was now 16 and there were signs the cancer has escaped into my body.
Next step was a biopsy where a sample is taken and tested for the severity of the cancer. The test is known as the Gleason Test. The important Gleason numbers are 6 to 10. Below 6 is considered not serious at all. 6 is slow moving, 7 is intermediate, 8,9 10 are considered aggressive. My score was 7 and 8 with a spread to just one bone at the top of my spine. This is known as Stage 4. The urologist was a particularly good bloke. He kept his words extremely optimistic and “all will be good”.
However urgent treatment was called for. First step was to be “Hormone Therapy”, which really is a nice name for chemical castration. Prostate cancers feed on testosterone and of course the source is in a male’s testicles. This therapy works on bringing down the PSA and mine dropped to 13 very quickly. Hormone Therapy comes with a few pages of side effects which appear to be cause men to develop female traits. Quite funny when you read through them.
Next step was off to see an oncologist. Chemotherapy is a controversial subject. Most hate the idea for its side effects, and it does have an aura of using a sledgehammer to kill a spider. However, it appears that this is the deal now with research continuing to make the treatment more specific. Once I was shown the charts of results, I was convinced this was the way to follow. From what I have been able to understand cancer is like almost all diseases. There seems to be no cure. Hormone treatment and chemo will knock prostate cancer back almost into the box. However, cancer is not dumb and in time it can get around these two barriers and start to grow again in time. Then we find other treatments.
So, I have now had one dose of chemo. Nothing to it on the day. Being a cocky bloke on days 2, 3 and 4 I had a few beers and wines (not big time though) plus chicken wings and pork ribs. I had been told my taste buds would make everything taste different, so I wanted to have a couple of favourites before that set in. Day 5 was the first day I felt like a big pile of rubbish. My head and mouth seemed to be full of soapy fairy floss and I was just yucky all over. A friend dropped by and took one look at me and suggested I take some CBD oil a couple of times a day to combat the side effects. This was fantastic advice and since then my days have been 8/10 to 10/10. I hardly notice any difference now.
Sure, enough on about day 7 food and drink began to taste like soap. Coffee was incredibly bitter. Most foods needed honey or chilli sauce to become edible.
So, I am down for taking the Hormone Treatment for life. It comes via an injection in the backside every few months. My chemo treatment is 6 sessions, three weeks apart finishing next January.
About 20 years ago I was introduced to supplementary medicines produced by one of the top naturopathic companies in the world. I knew there were products out there in nature that can and will assist in making life under chemo work better.
I checked in with several very experienced people in this field. Friends, relatives, and acquaintances were coming up with lots of ideas which I was grateful for. However, I was beyond strange teas and potions.
My natural treatment regime has been approved to a greater or lesser extent by all the medical people. The chemo team investigated every ingredient in everything I was or wanted to take. Most got the OK was only one being knocked back while chemo is on.

“Cancer is a word not a sentence”

My daily regime.
1. Breakfast every day.
a. Cup of hot lemon water to assist in keeping the body alkaline.
b. Puratae the organic Pure green Super blend.
Diet is an important weapon in the fight against cancer. Full on vegan or vegetarian was not for me. To me it is not worth the risk of using just any vegetables not knowing of their freshness and goodness. I know Puratae contains 12 to 14 organic fruits and vegetables in an easy mix powder form. Just a few seconds in the blender with Almond milk and my daily good food needs are covered. I order online and it is delivered to my door.
2. Every hour or so during the day I take a serve of Mannatech Ambrotose.
Ambrotose is a priority blend of glyconutrients to balance the immune system and aid with cell to cell communication which it turns can limit collateral damage to healthy cell. I take a teaspoon full several times a day. More often if I remember. Protecting the good cells and relieving the symptoms of chemo make my day to day life much better. Made from the richest plant sourced polysaccharides, this unique supplement is an exclusive blend of essential plant sourced nutrients. Polysaccharides, or sugars, regulate essential cell interactions that keep your immune system working at its absolute best. Ambrotose Complex – the smart phone of the supplement world, encourages and supports the reactions between your cells. Australian research shows that these plant polysaccharide nutrients can improve memory and enhance mood. I order on line and it is delivered to my door.
3. THC oil. This is the big brother to CBD oil and far more powerful.
There is a theory that taking enough for long enough will assist in making life difficult for the cancer cells. I take about 25 drops each night before going to bed. THC oil works with one of our immune systems to increase the effectiveness of chemo and relieve collateral damage to healthy cells.
4. CBD oil.
Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can produce an array of side effects, such as nausea and loss of appetite, which can lead to weight loss. Research suggests that cannabinoids may ease neuropathic pain and nausea. THC has shown to improve poor appetite due to cancer and cancer treatment, while CBD can suppress it. CBD is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. I take about 10 drops several times a day. This has worked wonders.

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